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  • Headwear
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Image Testimonial

Sara R.

This is my new favorite thing! Beautifully made with attention to detail. Looks just like the pictures but better. They were even so kind as to send candy that I’ve never tried in this country which was really cool. I highly recommend this shop and can’t wait till warmer weather so I can wear this vest everyday!

Image Testimonial

Mitchell H.

If you have not purchased from WastedCouture then you are one sorry soul. I love the quality, the look and the effort that went into this. You can tell these pieces are made from a place of blood, sweat and tears. Thank you for this beautiful piece! Absolutely love it!

Image Testimonial

D. Headash

I have no words that can truly portray the scale of awesomeness of this piece and do it justice, it’s on another level. Thank you, thank you for existing, the world needs wasted courture

Image Testimonial

Leah R.

So happy with my new bag!! There are little pockets on the inside too and hand stitching on the back The painting is bad ass.. I love it!

Image Testimonial

A. Charles

A beautiful piece. Fits well, has an amazing flair to it. I can't wait to get a chance to wear it out.

Image Testimonial

M. Molotov

This piece was used by the Sniper character in our film WASTERS. Wasted Couture has provided amazing props and costumes for TKM’s productions and we have always been blown away. The detail, the creativity, it’s unmatched. (...) Two thumbs the f*** up!