1. A custom is a personalized product, designed and produced especially at the customer's request. The created custom will not be reproduced.

  2. A custom can be ordered in one of the following ways:
    a) complete the form on the Custom Order page
    b) write an e-mail to the address contact@wastedcouture.net
    c) get in touch via Wasted Couture's social media
    d) write a message to the Wasted Couture Store on Etsy.
    e) ask a Wasted Couture representative at our store or at a stand on an event.

  3. After expressing interest in a custom, the customer will be asked to:
    a) inform what type of product they are interested in (e.g. jacket, t-shirt, harness)
    b) provide a deadline - the date they require to receive the product
    c) share their vision with us - as precisely as possible describe their expectations, show pictures for inspiration or sketch an idea

  4. If Wasted Couture, hereinafter referred to as the Contractor, undertakes the execution of the order, we proceed to the design phase.

  5. The price for making a conceptual drawing on paper is also a deposit for the product that the customer wants to order. It will constitute approx. 30% of the value of the product.

  6. The fee for the concept drawing can be paid by the Customer in one of the following ways:
    a) payment by bank transfer after receiving the payment information
    b) purchasing a listing specially posted on Etsy
    c) payment by card or in cash at the Contractor's store or at the Contractor's stand on an event

  7. The conceptual drawing will be created on the basis of the description agreed by the Client and the Contractor.

  8. The final product may turn out slightly different from the drawing it's based upon.

  9. The fee for the concept drawing is non-returnable and applies to a specific, predetermined project. At the time of starting the drawing, it is not possible to change the design to another product.

  10. During and after the creation of the concept drawing, the customer has the right to ask for slight changes in the design (e.g. change of colors, arrangement of details, modification of the shape), but may not change the nature of the design itself (e.g. replace a jacket with trousers)

  11. The custom's pricing will be made in parallel with the drawing and both will be presented to the customer together.

  12. Along with the concept drawing, the customer will receive a detailed list of the product’s features agreed with the Contractor.

  13. If the customer decides to order a different product, the entire designing process will be started from the beginning, with all the necessary costs.

  14. Once the customer accepts the concept drawing, they will be asked to pay for the full product in the way they choose:
    a) payment by bank transfer after receiving the payment information
    b) the purchase of a custom action specially displayed on the Etsy platform
    c) purchase of a custom product specially displayed on wastedcouture.net
    d) payment by card or cash in the Contractor's store or at a sales stand during an event.

  15. The customer is obliged to provide the Contractor with their measurements necessary to make the product in the correct size.

  16. From the moment the custom is paid for, the project goes into the production phase. From that moment on, any modifications that the customer will want to make to the product will require an additional fee.

  17. At the client's request, the Contractor may send them photos from the production progress.

  18. After the custom’s production is completed, the Contractor will take product pictures. The customer may, at their request, view product pictures before the custom’s shipment/pickup.

  19. The contractor reserves the right to use custom product pictures for promotional purposes (publication in social media, in the portfolio, catalogs, leaflets and any other materials used to promote the brand).

  20. At the client's request, the publication of product photos may take place at a time convenient for them (e.g. after the premiere of the music video in which the product appears, after the event at which the client appears in the product, after the date on which the product will be presented as a gift, etc.).

  21. At the client's special request, product photos may remain unpublished, but this is an additional paid service.

  22. A custom is not subject to returns and exchanges (ad. Consumer Rights Act, pt 3 art. 38; Dz.U.2020.0.287 t.j.)

  23. I consent to the processing of my personal data (name, surname, e-mail) by Wasted Couture Wioleta Sychowska, ul. Maciejewicza 13/43, Szczein, in scope of arranging the custom order with the ordering party.