Wasted Couture is the only company on the market that professionally creates costumes and accessories in the post-apocalyptic fashion. In addition to fulfilling the personal dreams of our clients, we also undertake B2B projects, providing representatives of the entertainment industry with the opportunity to purchase unique products, even in very large quantities.


Six years of Wasted Couture’s functioning allowed us to achieve a very high level in handicraft and gain knowledge of the most demanding techniques and materials


Our costumes and accessories are not only beautiful and full of details, but also durable and reliable - they work well even during long outdoor events in difficult conditions


each product that comes out of our hands is unique, regardless of the number of copies ordered - our work is an expression of our creativity and artistic potential


Wasted Couture creates a team of creative and committed artists, ready to take on any challenge. In addition to the core of our company, operating at the headquarters in Szczecin, we cooperate with many talented artists from other cities and countries, who supplement our range with their specialties, such as resin casting and blacksmithing, and their own unique styles.


Musicians, as stage clothing

Companies, as distinctive promotional gadgets

Theatres, as props and costumes

Restaurants and bars, as unique uniforms for the staff

Modeling, as extraordinary stylizations

Movies, as creations for characters

Premises, as unique interior decorations



Since 2020 we've had the pleasure of cooperating with the Techland publishing house, creating unique items for the collector's editions of Dying Light 2. The order consisted of over 200 sets of handmade face masks, leather fingerless gloves and stylized storybooks, each individually made in our workshop. The merchandise was sent to influencers all around the world and gained very positive feedback, even being titled the best in history of gaming!


Nocny Kochanek is a Polish band playing music which sounds just like the giants of classical heavy metal. They stand out from the Polish rock scene thanks to their brilliant, humorous lyrics and a pinch of satire. Touring all over Poland on the stages of the largest festivals, they perform in personalized vests and t-shirts created by Wasted Couture.span>


‘Wasters’ is an award-winning short film that takes viewers to the Redlands - a violent penitentiary colony in an alternate world where drug dealers, murderers and enemies of the system are placed. The film features costumes by Wasted Couture, and the gloves worn by the main character are even included on the T-shirt we produced for the promotion of the work.


OldTown Larp is the world's largest outdoor game in a post-apocalypse climate. Wasted Couture has been cooperating with its organization from the very beginning of our existence. Every year, during the festival, we run workshops on creating costumes, co-create the festival shop, produce gadgets for Participants and judge in competitions for the best costume. As part of the accompanying event, Weekend In OldTown, we also organize alternative fashion shows.

Rex Baron

The Rex Baron Boca is a unique restaurant in Philadelphia, USA. In addition to exclusive cuisine, its customers can immerse in the world of virtual reality as part of the VREX lounge, admire performances and shows. The entire interior is styled in post-apocalypse, and Wasted Couture’s costumes and weapons appear in display cases on the walls and decorate mannequins along with accessories from the world's greatest designers such as Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton and Prada.

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