Wasted Couture's Trip to Wave Gotik Treffen Festival

Wave Gotik Treffen is an annual music festival in Leipzig, Germany, which has been taking place since 1987. WGT now has a yearly attendance of roughly 20,000, with more than 150 music acts performing at various venues throughout the city for 4 days.

Wave-Gotik-Treffen is not just a music-centered gathering: it also includes readings, picnics, theatre and opera performances, art exhibitions, and more. WGT has evolved, and so has the scene surrounding it. The German term "Schwarze Szene" (Black Scene) is an umbrella term for a diverse range of music genres, including goth, industrial, EBM, neo-folk, cold wave, and even medieval rock. The fashion within this broad community is no longer strictly black: neon cybergoths, pastel goths, and sepia-toned steampunks are also part of the scene.

We feel honored that this year we were able to be a part of this incredible event for the first time. The attendees loved our work! We met many people on-site who have been following us for a long time, but we also gained new enthusiasts for our fashion. It's amazing how colorful, warm, and welcoming the gothic community is. We fell in love with the community and this event, we plan to come back!

Participation in the event co-financed under the project entitled: "Strengthening the position of the regional economy of West Pomerania - Course for innovation"; implemented under the Regional Operational Program for the West Pomeranian Voivodeship 2014-2020.