The products under the Wasted Couture logo are sold at the Wasted Couture internet store at the website address www.wastedcouture.net by:

ul. Maciejewicza 13/43, 71-004 Szczecin, Poland

NIP PL8522507624

Contact available via:

e-mail: wiola.wastedcouture@gmail.com

phone: (+48) 518-423-724


CLIENT - a natural person having full legal capacity, and in cases provided for in generally applicable terms of use, also a natural person having limited legal capacity, who has entered into or intends to enter into a Sales Agreement with the Seller.

REGISTRATION FORM - a form available at Wasted Couture Shop which allows to create an Account.

ORDER FORM - Electronic Service, an interactive form available at Wasted Couture Shop which enables placing an Order, in particular by adding Products to an electronic shopping cart and defining the terms and conditions of the Sales Agreement, including the method of delivery and payment.

ACCOUNT - Electronic Service, marked with an individual name (login) and password provided by the Customer, a collection of resources in the Wasted Couture Shop teleinformatic system, where data provided by the Customer and information about Orders placed by the Customer in Wasted Couture Shop are collected.

NEWSLETTER - Electronic service, electronic distribution service provided by Wasted Couture Shop via e-mail, which enables all Customers using it to automatically receive cyclical content of subsequent editions of the newsletter containing information about Products, novelties and promotions in Wasted Couture Shop from the Service Provider.

PRODUCT - a movable item available in Wasted Couture Shop which is the subject of a Sales Agreement between the Customer and Wasted Couture Shop.

ORDER - a statement of the Customer's will made using the Order Form and aiming directly at concluding a Sales Agreement for the Product with Wasted Couture Shop.

TERMS OF USE - these Terms and Conditions of the Online Shop.

INTERNET STORE - the Wasted Couture Internet shop is available at the Internet address: www.wastedcouture.net

SALES AGREEMENT - a contract of sale of the Product concluded or concluded between the Customer and Wasted Couture Shop via the Internet Shop.

CIVIL CODE - Civil Code Act of 23 April 1964. (Journal of Laws 1964, No. 16, item 93, as amended).

ACT ON CONSUMER RIGHTS, ACT - Act of 30 May 2014 on consumer rights (Journal of Laws 2014, item 827, as amended).


1. The Customer can purchase goods through the website www.wastedcouture.net. In order to do so, the Customer should add individual Goods to the shopping cart and then confirm their choice by clicking on the appropriate option available on the Wasted Couture Shop website.

On the website www.wastedcoutureshop.net it is possible to make purchases as a registered Customer or as a Guest. If the Customer registers with Wasted Couture Shop, the order is placed by logging in to the Wasted Couture Shop website, adding the Goods to the shopping cart and confirming the order. If the Customer does not register with Wasted Couture Shop, the condition for placing an order is to add the Goods to the shopping cart, fill in the Order Form with all the required data necessary to ship the Goods and take other technical actions based on the messages or information displayed to the Customer.

3. after approving the list of selected Goods, the Customer should:

a. determine the method of delivery

b. determine the method of payment

c. confirm the validity of the data given at registration, as well as the total price of the Goods (delivery costs) - by clicking on the button "order with payment obligation".

4 Execution of the activities referred to in paragraph 3 point c, is tantamount to submitting an offer by the Customer to conclude a contract of sale of goods placed in the shopping cart, at the pr ices displayed by the system, given delivery costs, etc.

The submission of an offer to conclude a sales contract is not tantamount to its acceptance. Wasted Couture Shop reserves the right to refuse to carry out the order for important reasons, of which it will immediately inform the Customer, in particular if, for reasons beyond Wasted Couture Shop's control, the execution of the contract in accordance with the offer to conclude a sales contract proves impossible or significantly impeded.

As soon as the Customer submits an offer in accordance with paragraph 3 (c), a message is sent to the Customer by e-mail, to the address provided by the Customer during the registration or order process, with written confirmation of the terms of the offer (order).

The sales agreement between the Customer and Wasted Couture Shop shall be concluded upon acceptance by Wasted Couture Shop of the offer (order) received earlier - in the form of an e-mail sent to the address provided during the registration of the online shop user account.


1. Prices on the website are displayed in Polish zlotys (PLN) or Euros (EUR)
2. Prices displayed include tax.

3. The shipping cost shall be added to the price of the Product, the shipping cost depends on the destination and chosen mode of shipping.

4. The price displayed on the website while making an order is final and binding. After issuing an order the price of ordered goods will not change, regardless of changes in prices at the Wasted Couture store nor promotion actions and sales.

5. Wasted Couture store reserves the right to change prices of goods in the internet store and withdrawing promotional actions on the store website and introducing changes in accordance with the Civil Code and other laws.


1. Wasted Couture store enables the following forms of payment

a. the przelewy24 system

b. the Paypal system

c. money transfer to a bank account (prepayment)

2.The Customer should mark the chosen form of payment in the order form.

3. The przelewy24 service enables implementation of payment via credit card or fast internet money transfer. Having chosen this form of payment the customer automatically gets redirected to the Przelewy24.pl system. While implementing payment via  internet transfer, after selecting the bank one needs to log in using their internet banking access data and confirm the payment. The list of banks supporting Przelewy24.pl

4.The PayPal website enables payment via credit card or funds accumulated on the individual PayPal user account. Deciding on this mean of payment the Customer will automatically be redirected to the PayPal website, where after logging in they confirm the payment.

5. Payment via bank transfer is carried out as prepayment (payment in advance) into the account:
29 1140 2004 0000 3302 7625 0068. The Customer also receives the account data and transfer reference (number of the Order) via email confirming the Order.

6. Payment carried out via Przelewy24 or PayPal should be realised at the moment of making the Order. In the case of payment via bank transfer - within seven business days since receiving the message confirming the Order.

7. While choosing any of the means of payment the Customer bears any and all additional costs especially such as charges and commissions which the bank or payment operator subject Wasted Couture to.

8.In the case when the Customer fails to pays within 7 business days since the acceptation of the Order by Wasted Couture, Wasted Couture has the right to renounce the sale agreement.


1. Wasted Couture shall carry out the order immediately after registering the payment for the Products via notification from the payment system (when using przelewy24 or PayPal) or the amount due has been registered into their bank account (when using bank transfer).

2. The mean of shipment and address should be submitted by the Customer via Order Form.

3.Means of shipment available in Poland:

a) Personal collection at OldTown festival

b) registered mail (when the Order weighs less than 2 kg)

c) postal parcel

d) DPD courier

4. Means of shipment available in Europe:

a) registered mail

b) TNT courier

c) Poczta Polska Global service

5. Means of shipment available in remaining countries:

a) Poczta Polska Global service

6. Personal collection at OldTown festival is free available only to accredited participants of OldTown festival. At the time of accreditation the Customer will receive a parcel with their order.

7. The cost of shipment depends on the mean of shipment and place of delivery. The Customer is informed of the shipping cost of a given Product prior to making an Order in accordance with

8. Approximate shipping costs



Rest of the World

Registered mail

11 PLN

52 PLN / 13 EUR

Global Express

68 PLN / 17 EUR

68 PLN / 17 EUR


18,50 PLN

27 EUR

9. Lead time is the sum of the time it takes to pass the parcel on to the delivery service and the time it takes to ship by the delivery service. Wasted Couture will pass the parcel on to the delivery service within 3 days from accepting the Order.

10. In the case when due to technical or logistic issues the shipment takes place in several phases, the Customer is charged for shipping only once.


1. A customer purchasing as a consumer (i.e. as a natural person who purchases goods for non-business purposes) who has concluded a distance contract through Wasted Couture Shop, may withdraw from this contract without giving any reason by making a statement in writing within fourteen days of the date on which the goods which are the subject of this contract were handed over to him.

2. In the case of a multi-purpose contract where the items are delivered separately, in lots or in parts, the withdrawal period shall expire fourteen days after the date on which the Customer acquires possession of the last of the items.

3. In order to comply with the time limits referred to in paragraphs 1 and 2, it is sufficient to send a notice of withdrawal from the contract to Wasted Couture Shop before the expiry of the time limit. The form of the declaration will be sent to the e-mail address provided after completing the above form.

4. withdrawal from the contract for the sale of goods shall be effected by the customer making a clear statement to the Wasted Couture Shop. Such a statement may be made on the form, but it is not obligatory.

5. in the event that the Customer withdraws from the contract of sale of the Goods:

a. The Customer shall return the Goods to Wasted Couture Shop immediately, and in any case no later than 14 days from the day on which they withdrew from the contract. The deadline is met if the Customer sends back the Goods before the expiry of the period of 14 days. Direct costs of returning the Goods shall be covered by the Customer.

b. Wasted Couture Shop shall reimburse the Customer for all payments received from the Customer, with the exception of the cost of delivery of the Goods, immediately and in any case no later than 14 days from the date of receipt of the Goods from the Customer or proof of sending it back.

c. Wasted Couture Shop will reimburse the Customer for the cost of delivering the Goods equivalent to the cheapest way of delivering the parcel.

d. Wasted Couture Shop will return payments using the same payment methods used by the Customer in the original transaction, unless the Customer expressly agrees otherwise. In any case, the customer will not incur any fees in connection with this refund.

Wasted Couture Shop may withhold the refund until the Goods have been received or proof of return has been provided to Wasted Couture Shop, whichever is the earlier.

The Customer shall be liable for any diminished value of the Goods resulting from the use of the Goods other than what is necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the Goods.

The right of withdrawal referred to above shall not apply to contracts indicated in Article 38 of the Act of 30 May 2014 on Consumer Rights (Journal of Laws of 2014, item 827), including contracts in which the subject of performance is an item not prefabricated, produced according to the consumer's specifications or intended to satisfy his or her individual needs.

Wasted Couture Shop is obliged to deliver goods free from defects.

Wasted Couture Shop is liable to the Customer if the Goods sold have a physical or legal defect (warranty for defects).

11. In the case of exercising the right to lodge a complaint, the Customer may fill in the complaint form and send it back together with the Goods complained about and, if possible, with the proof of purchase to the address: Wioleta Sychowska, Al.Piastów 74/5U, 70-326 Szczecin, Poland.

In the complaint form, the Customer shall indicate, among other things, his or her expectations as to the manner of fulfilling the obligations of Wasted Couture Shop.

The possible ways to deal with a complaint are:

a. replacement of the Goods with a new one,

b. repair of the Goods;

c. price reduction,

d. withdrawal from the contract

14. The time to consider the complaint, together with notification to the customer is 14 days from the date of lodging the complaint. In case of repair, the time may be extended depending on the type of reported inconsistency.

15. The basis of the complaint may be, in particular, delivery of Goods other than those ordered, incorrect completion of the order or delivery of the wrong number of Goods.

In the event that a complaint is considered in the Customer's favour, the costs of replacement or repair of the Goods shall be borne by Wasted Couture Shop.

In the event of a complaint in favour of the Customer for a refund, the refund shall be made using the same payment methods as those used by the Customer in the original transaction, unless the Customer expressly agrees to another solution. In any case, the Customer shall not incur any fees in connection with this refund.

In the event that a complaint is considered in favour of the customer, Wasted Couture Shop will also reimburse the cost of delivering the goods in the complaint process, which is equivalent to the cheapest way of delivering the parcel.

If the complaint is not dealt with in accordance with the Customer's will, the Customer has the right to lodge a complaint.

Wasted Couture Shop informs the customer, who is a consumer, about the possibility of using out-of-court complaint handling and redress procedures. The rules for access to these procedures are available at the offices or on the websites of the out-of-court dispute resolution entities. They may be, in particular, ombudsmen of consumer rights or Provincial Inspectorates of the Trade Inspection, a list of which is available on the website of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection at http://www.uokik.gov.pl/spory_konsumenckie.php.

Wasted Couture Shop informs that at http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/ there is a platform for online dispute resolution between consumers and entrepreneurs at the EU level (ODR platform).