1. Wasted Couture store enables the following forms of payment

  1. the przelewy24 system
  2. the Paypal system
  3. money transfer to a bank account (prepayment) 

2.The Customer should mark the chosen form of payment in the order form.

3. The przelewy24 service enables implementation of payment via credit card or fast internet money transfer. Having chosen this form of payment the customer automatically gets redirected to the Przelewy24.pl system. While implementing payment via  internet transfer, after selecting the bank one needs to log in using their internet banking access data and confirm the payment. The list of banks supporting Przelewy24.pl


4.The PayPal website enables payment via credit card or funds accumulated on the individual PayPal user account. Deciding on this mean of payment the Customer will automatically be redirected to the PayPal website, where after logging in they confirm the payment.

5. Payment via bank transfer is carried out as prepayment (payment in advance) into the account:

29 1140 2004 0000 3302 7625 0068. The Customer also receives the account data and transfer reference (number of the Order) via email confirming the Order.

6. Payment carried out via Przelewy24 or PayPal should be realised at the moment of making the Order. In the case of payment via bank transfer - within seven business days since receiving the message confirming the Order.

7. While choosing any of the means of payment the Customer bears any and all additional costs especially such as charges and commissions which the bank or payment operator subject Wasted Couture to.

8.In the case when the Customer fails to pays within 7 business days since the acceptation of the Order by Wasted Couture, Wasted Couture has the right to renounce the sale agreement.