Explosive Vest

Status: Avaliable (mail us!)

A women’s project in classic posty-apocalyptic style. The black denim base of the costume is bleached with various techniques, for a unique, organic effect. The symmetry of a hand-painted atomic mushroom is broken by a thick leather pauldron, stylized to look like metal. It’s wrapped in a sting of painted thong, indistinguishable from a true barbed wire. On the front, the vest is busy with safety pins, handmade stitches and a biohazard sew-on.

'Nice Day' Jacket

Status: Avaliable (mail us!)

This men’s jacket is a quintessence of post-apocalypse at its best – a bit trashy and a bit extravagant. The sturdy leather base has manually attached cotters found on OldTown Larp 2019 and a whole lot of painted studs. The back of the jacket, more symmetrical, is decorated with bottlecaps found on the Croatian coast. From the shoulders, long strips of upcycled rubber are hanging. There’s also a whole story about the true apocalyptic survivors hidden on the jacket…

Night Mistress - project #3

Status: Custom

A vest of the series of projects created for the members of a Polish metal band, Nocny Kochanek (Night Mistress). It’s worn by the guitarist, Arkadiusz Majstrak. For the customer’s request we immortalized the wolf emblem inspired by The Witcher and framed it with a metal chain. The vest is enriched with corroded studs, tyre pauldrons, hand-painted leather patches and numerous miscolorations and stains.

’Tattooed’ Jacket

Status: Sold

Wasted Couture designs are not just post-apocalypse – they’re also unique everyday pieces of clothing. The inspiration for this jacket was the Szczecin Tattoo Convention and the whole tattoo culture, especially retro aesthetics sleeve designs. The jacket is an ecological “second skin”, on which every element, just like a real tattoo, was especially designed and hand-painted, with the utmost care for detail. The limited color scheme lets it stay harmonious despite the large amount of detail.

More designs soon.

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