Afterlife Vest

Status: Custom (order yours!)

We are very happy to have created a unique, made-to-measure vest for Ojciec Arkadiusz from the Nocny Kochanek band. The design is made of various shades of denim, of course, with the use of upcycled fabrics. The futuristic placement of the elements makes it a project on the verge of the everyday life and a cyberpunk costume, and the detachable hood allows the wearer to adjust it to the conditions. The embroidery on the back, done with a neon, light-reflecting thread, was created on our new embroidery machine - it is not a simple equipment to master, but it will certainly open up completely new possibilities for us!

WOŚP Jacket

Status: One Of A Kind (mail us!)

To celebrate the 30th edition of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, we created and handed over to Jurek Owsiak a unique jacket, inspired by the WOŚP and Pol'and'Rock Festival. Each of its elements was done by hand, with the utmost attention to detail. In addition to painting, it has gone through the processes of hand embroidering, sewing on patches, attaching individually painted studs and writing quotes. Every inch of it is an emanation of our emotions related to the activities of the WOŚP Foundation. It was worn by Jurek during the Finale and autioned for over 10 200 pln (over 2000 Euro).

Explosive Vest

Status: Avaliable (mail us!)

A women’s project in classic posty-apocalyptic style. The black denim base of the costume is bleached with various techniques, for a unique, organic effect. The symmetry of a hand-painted atomic mushroom is broken by a thick leather pauldron, stylized to look like metal. It’s wrapped in a sting of painted thong, indistinguishable from a true barbed wire. On the front, the vest is busy with safety pins, handmade stitches and a biohazard sew-on.

'Nice Day' Jacket

Status: Avaliable (mail us!)

This men’s jacket is a quintessence of post-apocalypse at its best – a bit trashy and a bit extravagant. The sturdy leather base has manually attached cotters found on OldTown Larp 2019 and a whole lot of painted studs. The back of the jacket, more symmetrical, is decorated with bottlecaps found on the Croatian coast. From the shoulders, long strips of upcycled rubber are hanging. There’s also a whole story about the true apocalyptic survivors hidden on the jacket…

Night Mistress - project #3

Status: Custom

A vest of the series of projects created for the members of a Polish metal band, Nocny Kochanek (Night Mistress). It’s worn by the guitarist, Arkadiusz Majstrak. For the customer’s request we immortalized the wolf emblem inspired by The Witcher and framed it with a metal chain. The vest is enriched with corroded studs, tyre pauldrons, hand-painted leather patches and numerous miscolorations and stains.

’Tattooed’ Jacket

Status: Sold

Wasted Couture designs are not just post-apocalypse – they’re also unique everyday pieces of clothing. The inspiration for this jacket was the Szczecin Tattoo Convention and the whole tattoo culture, especially retro aesthetics sleeve designs. The jacket is an ecological “second skin”, on which every element, just like a real tattoo, was especially designed and hand-painted, with the utmost care for detail. The limited color scheme lets it stay harmonious despite the large amount of detail.

Bird mask

Status: Avaliable (get yours!)

A unique mask constructed on the base of a classic airsoft half-mask. On top of it, we construct a form of upcycled bike tyres, made to resemble a beak or a maw. A specialist paintwork gives the mask an old, distressed look, and the artificial teeth and eye details guarantee everyone respect to who wears it.

Mad Max Gloves

Status: Avaliable (get yours!)

Gloves made of delicate black leather, decorated with pyrographed elements made of a different kind of thick leather. Decorated with chains, pieces of tyres and cogs, with a convincing rust effect, they are a perfect addition to any post-apocalyptic stylization. The gloves are made to order, in any size and with the knuckle emblems personalized by the Customer.

Bottlecap top

Status: Custom

An intricate top created entirely of authentic rusted bottlecaps found on the coast of Croatia. It is inspired by the Waterworld movie and was created as a part of a whole costume, accompanied by a dress, a shoulderpad and some jewelry.

Akira Jacket

Status: Sold out

Red leather jacket, inspired by the anime Akira. The logos and emblems that decorate it are hand-painted with the utmost care for details. Its attractiveness is even greater thanks to the transparent PVC pauldrons and belt. The jacket's collar has a red light LED strap installed.

EVA Foam Cyberpunk Mask

Status: Avaliable (get yours!)

A cyberpunk style mask with LED strap. Every product is handmade out of EVA foam, making the mask light yet durable. A perfect imitation of metal is achieved thanks to special paintwork with the use of metallic shades. The mask can be stylized for a more post-apocalyptic or sci-fi look, according to the Client's needs.

Hood-vest with arrows

Status: Avaliable (get yours!)

A handmade hood sewn from pieces of brown leather. Decorated with hand-painted yellow traffic arrows motif. The hood will be an impressive addition to post-apocalyptic or steampunk costumes, and thanks to the vest-like fastening with army strap closures it won’t fall off the body even during intense action.

“Winter Wasteland” Jacket

Status: Avaliable (unique product)

The winter coat is made of vegan leather. The black base is rimmed with faux fur in ecru and decorated with asymmetric white ornaments. The jacket really stands out thanks to beautiful olive green pauldrons and a decorated back with gold chains that glitters like snowflakes.

Post-apoclyptic Harness

Status: available (get yours!)

Harnesses are among our favourite accessories - they can really bring out the shapes of the body and help the wearer feel attractive, be it a festival or party or a private moment. Most of our models are made of black leather or elastic, but we wanted to include harnesses in our post-apocalyptic outfits, so we created this one, featuring some rusty paintwork and thin leather tassels.

The 'G' vest

Status: Custom (order yours!)

During Pol'And'Rock 2019 we organized a contest for the best greetings from the festival. The winner, Gabrielle, could order a custom vet as her prize. According to her wish, we created a rock-styled project with a lot of shine. The pauldrons with delicate chains, a whole lot of studs, corset-like lacing, and most importantly, a large 'G' on the back, let her stand out at any concert, and make it one of the favourites of all the customs we made!

More designs soon.

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