Winter Wasteland - Warm Eared Cap

Head Size

Size Chart
Size Chart


S 51 cm = 20.1" 70 cm = 27,6"
M 53,5 cm = 20.9" 72 cm = 28,3"
L 56 cm = 22" 74 cm = 29.1"
XL 58 cm = 22.8" 76 cm = 29.9"


S 42 cm = 16.5" 60 cm = 23.6"
M 44 cm = 17.3" 62 cm = 24.4"
L 46 cm = 18.1" 64 cm = 25.2"
XL 48 cm = 18.9" 66 cm = 26"

Winter Wasteland is the name of Wasted Couture's women's winter 2019 collection inspired by the nuclear winter concept.

It is a costume of The Snow Queen of post apocalypse, an eastern Stalkeress, who needs to stay warm during her explorations of a beautiful yet freezing zone. The central piece of the set is a cozy, fluffy coat with white ornaments that shine like snowflakes. It is accompanied by a classic russian eared cap, a stained white t-shirt and knitted sweater. The whole set will be perfect for any winter outdoor event!

The winter hat is based on an authentic cap of the Polish military. It is modified for a more post apoclyptic look. It will protect your head even in the most savage cold, while looking stylish and unique. It is a unisex design that can be worn by everyone who wants a little apocalypse in their wardrobe, not only as a piece of costume but also as a unique everyday winter hat that will catch everyone's attention.

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