Denim Queen - an upcycled full costume


A unique, multi-element costume inspired by the nineteenth-century crinolines. A great example of zero waste design, using denim stitches to create a modern, feminine outfit.


Size Chart
Size Chart


S 51 cm = 20.1" 70 cm = 27,6"
M 53,5 cm = 20.9" 72 cm = 28,3"
L 56 cm = 22" 74 cm = 29.1"
XL 58 cm = 22.8" 76 cm = 29.9"


S 42 cm = 16.5" 60 cm = 23.6"
M 44 cm = 17.3" 62 cm = 24.4"
L 46 cm = 18.1" 64 cm = 25.2"
XL 48 cm = 18.9" 66 cm = 26"

One of the most unique of Wasted Couture's designs: a beautiful costume inspired by 19th century crinolines. It's a perfect example of a zero waste design, using denim seams that are left from upcycling jeans for the material, and a bicycle tire as the bottom circle. It's a set consisting of multiple pieces that you can include or exclude according to your needs. You can put the whole set on top of the optionally included white base dress, wear it on a crop top and shorts or on your lingerie only, and you can only use the top or the bottom piece if you feel like it. However you wear it, it will certainly be the most amazing costume of any festival!

The set consists of:

  • an upcycled white cotton underdress (optional!)
  • a blue denim harness with pauldrons
  • a blue denim skirt
  • a spiky crown/diadem
  • a pair of armbands
  • a choker

While ordering, please send us a message with your:

  • height
  • waist circumference
  • hip circumference
  • underbust circumference
  • bust circumference
  • wrist circumference
  • neck circumference
  • back length (from nape to hips)
  • finish color (the prototype has a golden paintwork, you can choose whatever color you like!)

Every product we sell is made to order.

The finished piece may differ slightly from the one pictured above.

If you are interested in a custom project, contact us!

Denim Queen - Postapoc Gown - Crinoline Skirt - Post Apocalyptic Outfit - Denim Seams - Upcycled Jeans - Festival Costume - Handmade Costume

Data sheet

Body type
Tire or inner tube
Recycled denim

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