Who and how is going to create my order?

Wasted Couture projects are exclusively created in our workshop in Szczecin, western Poland. We work as a team, each person offering their own diverse specialties that complement each other. Sometimes, each stage – designing, material selection, cutting, sewing, painting, and finishing – is handled by different team members. Other times, the entire process is carried out by a single skilled person from start to finish. It all depends on the type of project!


I like your design, but I'd like to adjust it. Is it possible?

Absolutely! Since each of our items is crafted from scratch in our workshop, we offer nearly unlimited customization possibilities. Some of the most popular personalizations include:

  • Color changes
  • Made-to-measure tailoring
  • Adjusting the level of distressing (from a completely clean "store-like" appearance to heavily distressed, dirty, or torn effects)
  • Adding or modifying decorative elements (e.g., painting a logo or nickname, adding extra studs, etc.)


How do I choose the right size?

Since sizing standards vary in different parts of the world where we ship our products, it's best to verify your size by taking individual measurements. Use our size chart How to take your body measurements and carefully, ideally with someone's assistance, measure yourself at the points on your body indicated by letters. Choose your size based on these measurements or send us the numbers, and we will ensure the product fits perfectly!

If you are unable or do not wish to take measurements, you can use the simplified version of the size chart. For most products, a more general size definition is sufficient for a good fit. If in doubt, feel free to contact us.


I want to order a custom piece. How do I do that?

We're thrilled to hear that – we love custom orders! You can contact us directly, or you can fill out our form, which will help you specify your own expectations, and will be the source of crucial information we need to contact you back with pricing, production time and any questions and suggestions that might arise.

Also, make sure to review our Custom Order Rules, which will clarify any doubts regarding the course of our collaboration.

Remember, customs are our specialty! When fulfilling your personalized order, we will strive not only to meet but exceed your expectations, no matter how bold they may be!


Can I get a discount?

We encourage you to follow our social media channels and subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date with our discounts! You can also check the “Special offer” category.

For individual purchases, we typically do not offer discounts. However, if you plan to make a larger order or are shopping with friends and intend to purchase a bigger quantity of items, feel free to reach out to us – we'll see what discount we can offer you!


Can I make changes to an order I've placed already?

Please reach out to us as soon as possible! We will try to implement the changes you need if only it is possible. This may depend on factors such as:

  • The time elapsed since the order was placed
  • The production stage the order is in
  • The type and extent of changes required

Usually, unless the customer requests modifications after the package has been dispatched, it is possible to apply them. In most cases, modifying an ongoing or finished product will involve an additional fee and/or an extension of the production time. We will notify you of such eventualities.


How long will I wait for my order?

The waiting time consists of production time and shipping time.

The production time is specified individually for each product.

Our shipping options are described in detail here: Time and cost of delivery.

Of course, we are open for negotiation and individual deadline arrangement. For those who require express services, we offer a "priority order" option, for an additional fee, which will move your order to the top of our production queue.


My order hasn't arrived! What should I do?

The delivery of a package, especially to another continent, may take some time. On average, an order should reach the United States within three weeks from payment. Please review our shipping options, check the estimated delivery time Time and cost of delivery, and sum it up with the production time. If the package has not arrived even after the full expected time has passed, please check:

  • Whether the address you provided is correct
  • Whether there is an attempted delivery notice waiting for you in your mailbox
  • Whether your household member, roommate, or neighbor has picked up the package.

If you complete all of these steps and still can't locate the parcel, please contact us. We will get in touch with the carrier, try to identify the reason for the delay, and discuss the next steps with you.


Can I return a product if I don't like it?

We do not accept returns for strictly aesthetic reasons. This is due to the nature of our products – they are made to order, often tailored to the customer's specifications, and their resale could be very challenging or even impossible. Please keep in mind that since our clothing and accessories are handmade, they may slightly differ from the items in the photos. Before placing an order, you can contact us to ensure that your vision of the product will be accurately reflected in reality.

Before shipping, each of our products undergoes rigorous quality control. Of course, if there are still any defects, inconsistencies, or oversights on our part, we offer the option to return a product for adjustments or exchanges.


What is the basis of your upcycling and less waste? Do you only work with recycled materials?

Upcycling means processing materials in a way that increases their quality and/or value compared to their original state. We fulfill this mission, for example, by sourcing material from second-hand clothing and creating entirely new items from it. Some materials come from friendly companies (e.g., leather scraps from upholsterers) or friends (giving us clothes they won't wear anymore). The materials are then processed (selection, cleaning, dyeing) to ensure they become a satisfying, high-quality raw material, suitable to become a work of art.

Not all materials can be upcycled – some have to be ordered entirely new. This mainly applies to small metal elements like rivets, snaps, studs, etc. The same goes for items like velcro, elastics, or nylon straps. Some projects are based on entirely new items – for example, knee pads or goggles – mainly for safety reasons. We also work with fresh materials cut from rolls, for example when sewing a long, tailored dress.

When cutting materials, we take care to leave as little space as possible between the element, other elements, and the edges, to generate the least possible amount of scraps. Before discarding any remnants, we think twice – could they be useful for making a small patch, loop, or tassel? Only really tiny scraps qualify for the trash can. As a result, our company generates very little waste.


Where can I meet you?

Every year, we exhibit at Pyrkon (a fan convention in Poznań) and Pol'and'Rock Festival (the biggest free open air music festival in Poland). These are regular stops on our mobile boutique's tour. We also attend other trade shows and events – you can read about our past trips and upcoming plans on our blog and newsletter – subscribe here!

If you are in Szczecin permanently or passing through and would like to discuss an order with us, feel free to contact us to arrange a meeting at our workshop. We'd be happy to sit down with you over some coffee and talk about the details!


Do you have any job openings?

We do not conduct permanent recruitment, but if you feel that Wasted Couture is your dream job, don't hesitate to contact us! From time to time, we also post job openings on our social media channels – these posts typically include specific requirements (e.g., sewing machine skills). We also do not offer any remote work options – we value having the entire team work on-site at our workshop in the center of Szczecin.

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